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Get to know San Angelo, TX

The West Texas city of San Angelo rests in the Concho Valley.  The city was founded in 1867 in conjunction with Fort Concho, one of several forts the United States installed to protect the frontier.  One of the settlers, Bartholomew J. DeWitt built the village of Santa Angela just outside the fort.  It was named for his wife, Carolina Angela, before being shortened to San Angela, and eventually San Angelo at the insistence of the United States Postal Service in 1883.  The town quickly flourished as a trade center for farmers and settlers in the area.  The town grew quickly in the 1880s when it was named the county seat and the railroads were constructed.  Multiple railroads ran through the town, and by the turn of the century San Angelo was a transportation hub.  The discovery of oil in the 1900s created a boom in the city and made it a regional hub for the oil and gas industry in addition to transportation.  With the outbreak of tuberculosis in the early 1900s, many patients moved to San Angelo for treatment, as doctors could only prescribe rest in dry, warm climates.  San Angelo College, now Angelo State University, began in 1928, after the city was passed over to be the location of what would become Texas Tech University.  Goodfellow Air Force Base was established to train pilots during the Second World War, bringing a military presence back to the city.  Some of the attractions in San Angelo include the San Angelo State Park, which is home to an official State of Texas Longhorn herd, Fort Concho, and the annual San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo.  San Angelo is known as one of the best small cities for business and employment.  Many oil field service companies employ residents.  The agricultural industry is strong in the city, and telecommunications and medical professions contribute to the economy as well.  The main employers in San Angelo include Goodfellow Air Force Base, Shannon Medical Center, and Angelo State University.  Notable residents have included Greg Maddux and Matthew McConaughey owns a ranch near by.

Quick Facts

Population: 96,177

Median Household Income: $42,855

Median Property Value: $99,000

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San Angelo Statistics

It looks like everyone is moving to San Angelo, with 1,210 people moving to the city in 2015. This amounts to a 1.2% population increase.

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