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Get to know Newport Beach, CA 

Newport Beach is an affluent seaside city in Orange County.  It has some of the highest housing prices in the United States.  Native Americans inhabited the land prior to settlers arriving in the 1800’s, attracted by the vast amount of land available.  In 1870 Captain Samuel S. Dunnells of The Vaquero safely navigated through the bay of Newport.  Upon hearing that a new port had been found, James Irvine traveled to the area.  Irvine, his brother and his friend, James McFadden, choose the name of Newport for the new community.  In 1905 the Pacific Electric Railway established a terminus in the town, connecting it to Los Angeles.  The increased development led to the City of Newport Beach being incorporated in 1906.  The city is home to a number of businesses, including the headquarters of Fortune 500 insurer Pacific Life.  The largest employers in Newport Beach are the Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian and PIMCO.  Popular attractions include the Newport Pier and surfing destination, The Wedge.  Famous residents of Newport Beach have included Kelly McGillis and Ted McGinley.

Quick Facts

Population: 89,911

Median Household Income: $113,071

Median Property Value: $1,500,000

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Newport Beach Statistics

It looks like everyone is moving out of Newport Beach, with 51 people leaving the city in 2015, amounting to a 0.06% population decrease.

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