FAQs - Move Matcher


Does Move Matcher Move My Stuff?
No. Move Matcher works with movers to collect their best bids to move your belongings. We provide you each mover’s best bid for your quote.

How long does it take?
You can submit your move details in under 10 minutes, without ever picking up your phone. Move Matcher needs your from address, to address, personal information such as name and email, move dates and what you’re moving (you can even submit photos) to provide movers a move to bid on.

Will I get harassed by movers nonstop?
No! We don’t share your personal information with any movers. When you’re ready to pick a mover based on their bid, you contact them and iron out the details.

How do I select a mover?

Moving Companies’ bids are shown in the format below:


Each mover’s bid contains their Yelp and Google scores, along with a comment section and contact options.

What if I am unhappy with my move?
While we hope that all moves are a pleasant experience, there are always situations that can pop up. We include each mover’s Yelp and Google scores during the quoting process, but if you’re unhappy with your move, let us know and we’ll try to help.

Who are the participating moving companies?
We have dozens of moving companies in the Chicago and Dallas areas that are currently using our platform. The simplest way to find a mover servicing your area is to Get a Quote!

Are your movers licensed?
All Move Matcher approved companies are licensed and insured for all regions which they operate.

Do you allow brokers to participate?
No. We work directly with movers to eliminate as many middle-men as possible. This allows us to show the best possible price as quickly as possible.

What if my estimate changes?
Our quoting process aims to be as thorough as possible, featuring both written descriptions and photographs of items to be moved. In some circumstances, moving companies may adjust their rates due to unrealized circumstances. If this happens, please let us know and we will take note and attempt to resolve the situation.

Is Move Matcher Certified?

Move Matcher is certified by the American Movers & Storage Association as well as other relevant local
accreditation bodies.

Why Should I use Move Matcher?
To save time, headaches and to get the best deal. Our submit once process lets you get quotes from multiple movers at the same time without having to resubmit your move details.