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Which States Are Considering Fleeing After Trump’s Election?

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If you believe Google, moving has been on the minds of many Americas as a result of the 2016 election.  November 9 saw enormous spikes in search queries like “moving companies”, “leave the country”, and “leave America”.  Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand appear to be the top contenders to flee to and are ready to welcome expats with open arms.  So who is contemplating leaving before the new administration takes office?


Vermont had the highest volume of search queries about “Canadian immigration”.  Just a quick hop over the border will allow these New Englanders to escape North.  Need help getting adjusted?  Maple Match dating site wants to help unhappy Americans find love in the Great White North and Cape Breton Island is trying to entice residents to Nova Scotia.  Other top five states thinking of heading to Canada?  New Hampshire, Delaware, Alaska, and Massachusetts.

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Connecticut residents are contemplating the Emerald Isle most.  Like Canada, some of the less inhabited areas are more than happy to have Americans hop across the pond.  The island of Inishturk has been looking for an economic boost from population growth.  Perhaps a new New Haven can make its way to Ireland.  Other top five?  Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia.

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New Zealand

Vermont again took the top spot.  The interest over time in New Zealand immigration exploded the day after the election before dropping back down on November 10.  It seems that in the wake of the election some are willing to bid the Green Mountain State adieu for some more temperate weather and a relaxed way of life.  Other top five? Montana, New Hampshire, Alaska, and Oklahoma.

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So the winner (or loser if you want to think of it that way) seems to be the Northeast.  If you believe the trends recorded by Google, expect the population in the Northeast to dip as people secure their passports and permanent residency elsewhere.  This might not be all it appears though.  Each election year, people clamor about emigrating if their candidate doesn’t win.  Historically, few people make good on this threat and actually leave.  And even those who do leave might be giving up the States for entirely different reasons.  Time will tell if 2016 will see a wave of emigration, or if it was merely idle talk.


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