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Texas has been enjoying a population boom in recent years. When you hear about Texas’ growth, Austin and Dallas are probably the first cities that come to mind.  It is true that the major cities of Texas are enjoying population gains, but it is some of the outlying cities in the metro areas that are experiencing the most rapid increases in population. The most recent data released by the United States Census Bureau from 2015-16 shows that Texas is home to a number of cities where people want to be. Six of the twelve fastest growing cities in the United States with a population of 50,000 people or more are located in the Lone Star State.  These include the cities of  Conroe, Frisco, McKinney, Georgetown, New Braunfels, and Cedar Park City.

The city of Conroe in the Houston metro area experienced the greatest population increase at 7.8%. The second fastest growing city in the country was Frisco in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, which grew at a rate of 6.2%. The third fastest growing city in the nation, McKinney, is also in the Dallas area and grew at a rate of 5.9%. Georgetown, in the Austin-Round Rock metro area was the fifth fastest-growing U.S. city at 5.5%. The last Texas city in the top ten was New Braunfels in the San Antonio area, which grew at a rate of 4.7% making it the ninth fastest-growing American city. Outside the top ten, Cedar Park in the Austin metro area was the 12th fastest growing city at 4.5%.

In addition to six of the fastest growing cities, Texas also was home to five of the nine cities that added the most people. San Antonio saw the third largest numerical increase, adding 24,473 people. Only Phoenix and Los Angeles added more people. Dallas took 6th place, seeing an increase of 20,602.  Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin took 7th, 8th, and 9th place, adding 19,942, 18,666, and 17,738 residents respectively. Although the suburbs are growing at faster rates, Texas cities continue to flourish.

While there are still large sections of Texas that maintain the state’s rural culture, the Lone Star State has become increasingly urban. Although central cities continue to grow, it is their surrounding suburbs that have really boomed. As the cost of living increases in cities, urban and suburban sprawl will continue to spread across Texas. With its temperate climate and endless business opportunities, Texas will remain a major destination to move to for years to come.

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