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Spring Cleaning Guide

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Whether you are willing to admit it or not, most people have a lot of stuff.  There are always those items in a house that haven’t been used in years or serve no purpose.  However, these items often accumulate, especially as you spend more time in a dwelling.  For some, a move is a great time to embark on a Great Purge.  This is always a valuable exercise, no one wants to pay to move items that are unwanted or unnecessary.  However, this process could be much more manageable if people went on smaller scale cleanings instead of waiting until it’s time to move.  The good news is that this process can be worked into an exercise that already exists: spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning can leave your home, as well as you, feeling refreshed.  However, it will require quite a bit of work.  To truly benefit from spring cleaning, you will need to do a thorough job.  This means you won’t be able to cut a few corners and call it quits in an hour or two.  Depending on the size of your home, you should allow a day, or maybe even a weekend to cleaning.  Now that you know what you are getting yourself into, it is a good idea to go through your home room by room and employ your family members to help.


Many people embark on spring cleaning once winter has passed.  The snow has finally melted and you will be able to start landscaping your yard again.  You can cut the grass, replace any foliage that did not survive the winter, and can plant some flowers to give your yard a pop of inviting color.  Some homes might benefit from a power washing, or maybe you’d like a new paint color on the exterior.  Since you’ll be sprucing up the inside, spring cleaning can extend to the outside too.  These tasks may require a bit more time than the weekend you’ll spend working inside, but it is a good idea to get these items started early so that you can enjoy them throughout the warmth of the spring and summer months.

Living and Family Rooms

For many people, the communal family spaces are some of the most lived in rooms in the house.  People gather to watch the TV, kids play on the ground with toys, and probably a few cocktail parties take place in these areas. Whether carpeted or with hardwood floors, these rooms should be vacuumed, as well as washed.  Washing floors can help them shine, and carpets can have stains removed and will be left smelling fresh.  A thorough dusting of the room, including wiping the baseboards and molding will make sure that each corner has the winter and dust wiped away.  Furniture should also be wiped clean, and wood pieces can be waxed.

Kitchen and Dining Rooms

It is easy for your kitchen to quickly accumulate grime and messes.  You should go through your freezer and refrigerator, cleaning out any old food and wiping everything down.  Keeping some baking soda can help reduce odors too.  The other appliances should be thoroughly wiped down and cleaned with your favorite cleaning products.  This includes the microwave, stove, and oven.  Counters and floors should be washed as should the sink to make it shine.  In your dining area, you will want to wipe down the floors and table.  If you have silver, you should polish it, and if you have a china cabinet, wiping it and cleaning the windows will help your piece look bright and show off your china.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

These are great rooms to assign to family members.  Putting everyone in charge of their own room will help save you some time.  Everyone will need to vacuum, dust, wipe baseboards, clean windows, wipe counter tops and vanities, and clean the shower, tub, and toilet.  It is also a great idea to have your children, and yourself, go through and separate clothes, toys, and other items you no longer need.  You can donate these items and free up some space in your closet.

Whole House

Going through the whole house, you’ll want to wipe and wash all windows, baseboards, molding, and floors.  Getting carpets washed or rugs dry cleaned will help to get a deep clean throughout your home.  Running the vacuum and duster throughout the house will help take away any lingering dust.  Any old toys, furniture, clothes, and other items that are no longer wanted should be donated or thrown away.  Clearing our your home is a great way to free up space and keep clutter from accumulating.

Now that you’ve scrubbed and brushed your way through your home, you will probably be exhausted.  Knowing that your home is sparkling and fresh should leave you with a feeling of accomplishment and relief though.  Your home will be shining like you just moved into it.  And while the process is tedious, once you complete your spring cleaning you can relax in your home knowing you won’t have to do another deep cleaning for a whole year.

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