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Move for Hunger: Charity in the Moving Industry

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As people pack up and move they often find themselves disposing of a lot of items.  This often includes groceries and other food that you don’t eat before you move to your new home.  And while many people don’t think twice about throwing out these items, one organization is trying to change that.  Started in 2009, the Move for Hunger charity works to provide hungry families with food by collecting those very items you were going to throw away.

The process is quite simple.  As you pack up the rest of your home, pack up your non-perishable food items too.  You can even have your movers do it if you like.  Your movers will then bring these items to a local food bank which will distribute the food to families in need.  You can even be provided with boxes and bags to collect the food items in.  Such a simple deed can have an amazing impact on families in need.

As of this year, seven million pounds of food have been collected and donated to food banks.  The initiative has grown to include 650 moving companies working throughout all 50 states.  As Move for Hunger has grown, they have found other ways to spread their message and enlist people’s help in combating hunger.  You can donate on their website or take a more active role by holding your own food drive.  You can even partner with them as a part of their race team, running races, big or small, on Move for Hunger’s behalf.  It has also partnered with real estate companies and corporate housing blocks to promote the mission to combat hunger and food waste in America.

It may not seem like much, but even a couple items can go a long way.  If you find yourself not using a moving company partnered with Move for Hunger, you can still give back.  A simple internet search can tell you where to donate food and help fight hunger in America.  As you prepare to move remember that while food will need to go, it should go to the hungry.

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