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How to Unpack After a Move

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The hustle and bustle that leads up to a move often leaves you stressed and just wanting to get to your new place.  Once you unlock the door to your new dwelling, you can breath a sigh of release, but you aren’t done yet.  While you have physically gotten all your items to your new home, it is now time to unpack.

If you have hired movers to get you from Home A to Home B, they will do the heavy lifting in getting your furniture and boxes into your new place.  If you are doing a self move though, the first step is to unload your car or van.  As part of your pre-move plan, you should make sure to pack items that go together in the same boxes and label those boxes according to the room the items will go in.  Having these labels will allow you to put the boxes and furniture into the correct rooms.  This will help you stay organized and move through the unpacking process systematically.  Once everything is unloaded, you should begin by setting up essential furniture.  Getting beds put together and maybe a few chairs and couches will be important.  Depending on the size of your new home, it may take you several days to get through all the boxes.  Having decorations sitting in boxes for a few days won’t hurt.  If you don’t have a bed ready to sleep in or a place to sit if you need a break might leave you tired and stressed.  Once these essential pieces are assembled, you will want to begin tackling all those boxes.

As each room has the correct boxes in them, you will be able to go room by room in your unpacking process.  Yes, getting everything out of boxes and set up is time consuming, but taking it room by room will help you to see progress instead of an endless sea of cardboard.  As with the furniture, some rooms are more important.  Getting your kitchen set up should be a priority.  While you probably won’t cook the first night in your new home, having glasses and silverware available will come in handy.  Children’s bedrooms, as well as your own, are also good rooms to unpack early.  Getting these spaces set up to your liking will help you and your family feel more at home.  While there will still be an adjustment period, feeling at home and surrounded by familiar belongings can help ease this process.  Common spaces and living areas are a good idea to tackle next.  Setting up a family or TV room will give you a place to relax and for children to gather in.  You can save some areas for last, like a formal dining room or entry ways.  While these rooms will add character and personality to your home, if they aren’t fully set up right away, it will probably go unnoticed.

While unpacking can be tedious it is important to take it one box at a time.  Go through each room and get all items out.  While it is a good idea to put items away as you unpack, if some rooms have many decorations or things to be hung, you can get them out of the box, but hold off on putting them up.  This way you can remove empty boxes, but move onto other rooms that have more items that can easily be put away.  It also important to remember that you can always rearrange items later.  Maybe you don’t like a picture on a certain table, or you want to put a lamp in the other corner.  Getting items into a room will help you to assess whether you are happy with how you’ve set up a room or whether it needs some redesigning.

As with the whole moving process, remaining calm and patient will go a long way in the unpacking process.  The reward of enjoying your new place once everything is put away and boxes are broken down is good motivation to keep you going as you set up your new home.

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